Thursday, October 7, 2010

LOVE you...just for you MIENAS...

Since I show you
I have fallen in love with you
I have so many reasons to love you
I watch you when you take care of others...
I watch you when you help others
I watch you when you being funny
You have touched my heart deeply
You show me everything beautiful 
Your kindness and love touches every part of my soul
You make me think about meaning of love
You make me about the faith in love
You are there deep in my heart all the time
I fall totally and completely in love with you again and again
When I look in your eyes
I hope we'll be together forever
When you hold me
I wish you'll never let go
When I’m with you
The pain just goes away
I will love you till the day I die
That's a promise not a lie.
 Dedicated to my LOVE

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